About Us


Creating Communities was established in 2007 when award-winning jazz musician and creative artist Rob Levit recognized the need for innovative arts programs for underserved children and adults in Anne Arundel County. Our mission is to use the power of music, art, movement and photography to reach learners who need more than traditional modalities of learning and expression. Our work allows these groups to make their own choices and life decisions through experiential learning, the creative process and personal reflection. Our vision is to create communities where the arts are an integral component of our social fabric, where the power of creativity connects, enriches and transforms lives.

Creating Communities’ programs target underserved communities, with a particular focus on low wealth, vulnerable young people. Our goal is to use arts-based alternative educational opportunities to teach artistic skills, life skills, academic competencies, community service, and employability skills.
Creating Communities offers innovative arts programs to a variety of individuals in Anne Arundel county:

Currently –

Elementary, middle and high school students
Low-income families

Previously – 

Homeless adults
Adults in addiction recovery

Creating Communities is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded and directed by award-winning musician and community leader Rob Levit.

Creating Communities is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of local business owners and volunteers who are passionate about creating art-centered programs for the Anne Arundel community. We are also supported by local business partners.

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Our Vision:

To create communities where the arts are an integral component of our social fabric; where the power of creativity connects, enriches and transforms lives

Our Mission:

To harness the power of the arts to build life skills and self-esteem, and foster connections across cultures. We seek to partner with communities and provide underserved populations with direct access to the arts through innovative programs and mentorships.

Areas of Interest:

Arts-based innovation, renewal, training, and development programs for non-profit organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford such services. We also seek to develop multi-cultural art exchange and communication with artists and organizations from diverse creative and geographical backgrounds.

Our Philosopy:

We are peers and facilitators in the process of discovering, unfolding and applying lessons learned through creative, life-affirming, multi-sensory arts activities. For more information on our philosopy click here.