Our Philosophy


Our Mission

We partner with communities, nonprofit organizations and schools to provide direct access to the arts to low-income and underserved children through mentoring and innovative programs.

Our Vision

To create communities where the arts are an integral component of our social fabric; where the power of creativity connects, enriches and transforms lives.

Our Core Values

EXCELLENCE in delivering transformational community-based arts programs
RESPONSIVENESS to stakeholder needs through excellent communication, flexibility and mobility
INCLUSION of diverse voices through a range of programs and volunteer opportunities
INTEGRITY in program delivery, fiscal responsibility and outcome measurement

Our Approach

Demonstrate the value of community-based arts programming to our families, schools, partners and funders through program delivery and passionate advocacy
Collaborate with community partners including social service, arts and faith-based organizations to best serve our constituents
Create opportunities for participation and volunteerism throughout our array of programs
Research and develop cutting-edge and innovative arts and education strategies and incorporate those strategies into accessible programs and activities