Community Challenge

Creating Communities is a proud partner in the Community Challenge for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and BMAH (Biomedical and Allied Health) students at Glen Burnie and North County High Schools. Two teams of students are responsible for preparing a rigorous defense of arts programs and funding for youth:

Download and read the incredible white paper written by North County High School school students Rachel Jackson and Jordan Miller: Harnessing the Arts White Paper

Demonstrate the clear and essential value of arts programs:

Does arts participation improve educational and life outcomes for students?

Arts participation in schools and afterschool programs is perennially underfunded perhaps because it is misunderstood. Your job is to clear up this misunderstanding for private foundations, local government agencies and individual donors. There is a wealth of information that details the positive difference that arts participation makes in the lives of students but it needs to be organized into a logical yet passionate case that can be presented to the decision makers that fund arts programs in schools so that obtaining funding and creating programs is more easily obtained and maintained. Your assignment is to 1. Research and document the very best evidence that you can find on the value of in-school and afterschool arts programs. 2. Create a 20 minute clear, concise and passionate presentation on the value of the arts for students’ academic success and life outcomes – building self-esteem, collaborative skills, design thinking, project completion, etc. 3. Be sure to consider the value of the arts to STEM. Why is creativity and the arts of personal value to YOU? Make the presentation a mix of fact and personal stories of how the arts have improved your academic and life outcomes. Back everything up with research citations!